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I’m a fake? So what if I am? I’ve been treated like a fake warrior this whole damn time. But no matter what happens, I’ll never change my beliefs. It doesn’t matter if I’m a fake. I’ll become the real thing if I fight my way through. I’ll defeat you as Rasetsu, then I… then we will become the real oni!”

“Humans in love are terrible. You see them come hungering at one another like prehistoric wolves, you see something struggling for life in between them like a root or a soul and it flares for a moment, then they smash it.” — Anne Carson, Plainwater (via mariden)



Anna Aden

they remind me so much of Tarkovsky’s films

Those who can tap into the raw energy of the Fade and block the whispering temptations of demons are truly exceptional.


"12 days in a town devoured by plague. It’s an enemy you can’t kill. It’s a game where you can’t save everyone."

Moscovite developers Ice-Pick Lodge just launched their Kickstarter for a remastered version of Pathologic, the bleak, philosophical survival-horror game that first put them on the map back in ‘05. The new version boasts improved graphics, additional content, and a new translation, as well as a welcome winnowing of the original’s more blatant “filler” quests. 

What isn’t changing, thankfully, is the game’s distinctly Russian flavor. Much of Pathologic's cult appeal comes from the strength of its setting - a strange, increasingly degenerate frontier town being chewed up by an unknown ague, full of cryptic characters and primal secrets. Surviving meant managing limited time and a raft of basic human requirements - food, rest, health - while fighting to shed even the tiniest light on the town’s many mysteries. 

As per usual, the folks at Rock, Paper Shotgun have a great writeup here.

“One always has to fight for life, otherwise it’s not real. You cannot tear off the umbilical cord that has been feeding us all since the world’s creation. It has already found death almost everywhere.” — Children of the Town [Pathologic]





Sometimes the unwarranted Chizuru hate makes me sad

And then I remember that if someone said this bullshit in the presence of their bishi Shinsengumi captain of choice, they would be so doomed.

And I feel better. 

So guess who just got called a bitch for making this post lol

Man I’m so SO sorry to see that happen :( It honestly was disgusting of her to do that, let alone dump it in the main tags. I mean really? Your post was completely fine, given the fact that her rant was damn violent towards Chizuru, I don’t care if it was about the art style. And it was in the tags!

To be honest my stomach kinda turned when I saw that previous post and then this one. I thought she was better than that, but truth be told she has a habit of insulting fans here on tumblr and being vocal about her hatred of Otomate and the fake “bitch” artist. And again, dumping it in the tags, which is just……

I recall a user who commented that she liked how the new Hakuouki SSL CG’s were similar to some of the original CG’s, only to have tokio jump on said user to “get her eyes checked” and that “something was wrong with her” and went on a long rant how it’s not the original artist and Otomate is crap etc. 

It was rather amusing though that she called you a “mindless Chizuru crusader” and a “dumb drooling fan”, when you clearly are nothing of the sort judging from your blog?

To be honest it makes me sad;  tokio has a great blog and journal with plenty of great information about Hakuouki, and she’s knowledgable about the Shinsegumi and does translations of both Hakuouki related things and historical stuff. But I think it’s gotten to her head, judging from how entitled and sensitive she feels when she’s called out on her crap.

She has a deep seated hatred for Otomate and the artist Yone Kazuki was replaced with, and I get it, there is a good reason for it, but just I wish she’d keep this shit out of the tags and most of all STOP insulting fans over it. Yes we know that’s not the real artist and yes we know Otomate is being shady about it. But no, we’re not gonna be jerks and be negative about that in the tags and regularly hate on a franchise we love.

That got too long. To sum up: you’re cool, keep on blogging, don’t let it get to you.

Ahhh, thank you! <3 It actually meant a lot to read this because… I didn’t exactly regret what I said, but I prefer to keep to myself/talk about the things I like in a series and this whole incident is the opposite of my modus operandi. I was actually just about to delete my post when I saw the aforementioned response post and… well. I expected some pushback for the post I made since it was deliberately wanky and I posted it in the tag, but I was a little surprised about just how lengthy, personal, and vitriolic that particular response was.

I guess to clarify on why I did what I did… I have this tendency to gravitate towards the compassionate and pacifistic characters in a work of fiction. It’s just one of my favorite character types (one of many). Time and time again, these types of characters are called whiny and useless, and violence is wished upon them. This is doubly so if the character is female. One can’t respond to every single comment along these lines- you’d never get to sleep!- but every so often it’s difficult to keep myself from responding. For the most part I now have a thick skin about this kind of thing, but I imagine that for people who are new to fandom it can make for a shitty experience to constantly see bashing of a character they enjoy/admire. Especially when it’s treated as a given that everyone hates said character. (I know from personal experience that “well, of course everyone hates [character]” can be really confusing and weird. Until you realize that it’s just hyperbole, it’s the kind of thing that makes one really doubt their own judgement.) And the double-standards can be especially stark when it comes to Hakuouki. For some reason there are reams of posts about why Chizuru is terrible, followed by posts about why she’s worthy of “defense” and for some reason she’s the only character that garners this cycle of extensive bashing and defending in a canon with killers, dudes who are okay with human experimentation, and people who don’t really care much for consent. People find it in their hearts to understand the Shinsengumi and Kazama, but Chizuru never learns to use her sword so all the important things she does are rendered useless. For some reason. And people absolutely need to bring this up every time Otomate has the gall to release art that portrays her as the main character. 

I do totally get that there’s bad blood with Otomate and I’m really pissed off at how they treated Yone Kazuki. I would never argue with any of that. My post about Chizuru hate was in response to a rant about a particular drawing, but the post itself was generalized because the rant was very much a “straw that broke the camel’s back” type of situation for me. People can talk all they want about the original art style, but as you and I have both noticed there have been violent, demeaning, and yes unwarranted (I stand by this) comments about Chizuru well before the deplorable treatment of the original artist. And it’s really telling and depressing.